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Trademark Registration Process In India 

Trademark registration is registering the brand name, company name, logo, etc. Trademark registration protects the product, service, brand and company from third parties and imposters. Trademark is a unique registration for a company that improves the quality of the product or services. Nowadays, competitive market creating a brand is very tough to make big. It’s a challenge to make your brand or company stand out from the crowd. Trademark registration helps to stand high from the crowd by creating an identity for the company.

What is Trademark? 

Trademark is an identity and legal grant for your company, or it may be an intangible asset or intellectual property of a company. Trademark is a unique name, logo, design and more. It helps identify and specify the company or its product and services from competitors. Trademark helps to improve the quality of business and enhance customer trust. It’s an exclusive right of the owner.

What can register in the Trademarks?

In India, the following marks can register under Trademarks are   
  • The shape of the Goods
  • Colour and pattern designs
  • Tagline
  • Brand name
  • Slogan
  • Company name
  • LOGO
  • Service patent
  • product patent
  • Unique symbols
Accordingly, you can register these marks in the Trademark in India.

Why Is Trademark Registration Must?  

  • Trademark registration is the intellectual property or intangible asset of your company.
  • Trademark registration creates an identity for your company.
  • Trademark registration helps to improve product or service quality.
  • It improves and promotes trust, loyalty, and reliability of potential customers.
  • It protects your company from infringement and duplications.
  • Differentiate product from the competition
  • Your company protected by Trademark ACT.

What Are The Benefits Of Trademark Registration? 

Protected By Trademark Act

Nowadays, making a brand and standing out from the crowd is not the easiest. Many copycats and third parties are trying to coping your uniqueness in the developing stage. So, you can safeguard your brand uniqueness by registering under the trademark act. Trademarks Safeguard and protect your company from infringements.

Intangible Asset

Trademark is an identity, intellectual property and intangible asset of the company. Trademarks are also the goodwill of the company.

Identity Of The Company

Trademark registration creates an identity of the company and makes your company stand out from the crowd. It specifies your product or services from the competitor.

Improves Customer Loyalty 

A trademark registration creates a unique identity, differentiates the company, and improves its quality. Customers always prefer branded or Unique products. You are more likely to gain trust and loyalty from potential customers if you register a Trademark.

Exclusive Rights Of The Owner 

Trademark registration is the intellectual property and intangible asset of the company. So, the owner can use the Trademark registered logo or brand anywhere and on any product. Also, no one can use the Trademarks without the owner’s knowledge.

Documents Required For The Trademark Registration

  • Authorized person name
  • Business proof and type of business
  • Aadhar card of MSME/Udyog
  • Incorporation certificate
  • Partnership deed
  • PAN card of Authorized person
  • Form 48 with signature
  • ID proof of signatory
  • Address proof of signatory person
  • Logo or brand name

Process And Steps Of Trademark Registration

Steps to registration Trademark in India. The following registration steps are
  1. Choose a Trademark
  2. Trademark Search
  3. Trademark Application
  4. Vienna codification Trademark
  5. Trademark Inspection
  6. Publish Trademark in Indian journals
  7. Receive Trademark certification

Choose a Trademark 

Choose a Trademark for your company. Trademark means a symbol, logo, brand name and tagline. A trademark must be unique and related to your business.

Trademark Search  

Trademark search is a process of research in the Indian trademark database about whether proposed Trademarks are already registered or not. It is an examination of checking the availability of Trademarks. The search helps you find out the availability.

Trademark Application

Trademark application is a process of applying for trademark registration if your Trademarks are available in the Indian Trademark database. Application for Trademarks must include the pattern, design, logo, colour, brand name and more. When the trademarks are registered, the registry will provide the application number.

Vienna Codification For Trademark  

The Indian trademark registry provides the Vienna code if the Trademarks contain logos, elements, or logos.

Trademark Inspection 

The Trademark registry will inspect and examine your trademark registration. The registry examines basic requirements, documents and uniqueness of the Trademarks and may registry will accept or rejects applications if it is not proper.

Publish Trademark in Indian Journals 

After the application is accepted, the specified Trademarks must publish in Indian journals for public view. Trademarks will be registered if no objections are received within four months.

Receive Trademark Certification

An owner of a trademark will receive a trademark registration certificate after registration. Trademarks can be used anywhere and on any product. The trademark certification becomes the owner Trademark once it is issued.

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