Trademark Registration in India and Its Advantages

Benefits of Trademark Registration and Its Types? 

The most significant one for any business is trademark registration. The registration of a trademark establishes the company’s distinction and identity. Trademarks bring various benefits to the company. Individuals or companies can petition for a trademark to create a distinct brand.

What is Trademark Registration? 

Trademark registration is the process of registering a company name, brand name, theme, logo, product, sound, and so on is known as trademark registration. Trademark registration is registering and obtaining copywrites for the company. Being distinct and having an identity for your firm is advantageous. A trademark protects your firm name, product, or logo. Any distinctiveness or novel concept can register as a trademark. Register shape, content, service, pattern, and so forth.

Are Patent Rights & Trademark Registration are same? 

Patent rights are the process of protecting your ideas or inventions by the patented form of intellectual property. The government grants patent rights for a period of 20 years. However, not every concept or idea is patentable. If the idea has the potential to become an invention, then only it’s considered for a patent application might be filed. A patent is a legal award from the government that grants the owner exclusive rights to use their innovations and works. The primary goal is to encourage people to protect their ideas and innovations. Patent rights and trademark registration is different from each other. Trademark is a registration of a brand name, logo, business, colour, etc.

Are Copyrights and Trademark Registration are same?

Copyrights are like intellectual property or intangible assets of your product, innovations, and more. You can get copyrights for music, song, novels, software, content, painting, photography, films, etc. Copyrights help to protect innovation, ideas, and created work from others. For example, Apple iPhone has copyrights for the slide-to-unlock design, which is why other mobile brands do not use the slide-to-unlock button. Copyrights and trademark registration are not the same, but both are the company’s intellectual property.

Types of Mark registration 

What types of marks can be registered in trademark Registration? Trademark Registration helps the brand or company to stand unique from the code. Enrolling your brand or company name in trademark registration protects your brand from others. Trademark registration is a legal grant and intangible asset for the company. Trademarks can be whatever is unique or innovative. You can register any type of mark which is beloved by your company. Different types of marks are
  • Product trademark
  • Service Trademark
  • Shape trademark
  • Pattern mark
  • Sound mark
  • Tagline mark
  • Abbreviation
  • Certification mark
  • Multimedia mark
  • Logo mark
  • Brand mark
  • Business name

Benefits of Trademark Registration

Protects your Brand 

Trademark Registration Protects your Brand, company, logo, Symbol and more. A trademark makes a brand more unique and protects a brand from the competition. No one can use your brand logo, name or symbol because of trademark registration. Trademark registration is an intangible asset of the company.

Creates Trustworthy and Reliability

Trademark registration creates the trustworthiness of a brand and makes reliability from the customers. A brand is an important one for every business. A business without a brand is like a bird without wings. So registering a brand makes enriches the company.

Attract your Customers  

Nowadays, most people don’t care about quantity or quality once the brand is registered in the mind of the customers. If they need products or services, you are the first brand that comes into customers’ minds. Hence, the brand attracts customers more.

Safeguard your company from competition and infringement 

A registered trademark may be a valuable tool in the fight against unfair competition. Today’s market is teeming with imposters and counterfeiters who profit from unscrupulously utilized brand names. A registered trademark acts as a strong barrier to such unfair competition. The Trademark Act gives the owner of a trademark remedy if a third party uses or imitates a mark without knowledge.

Legal protection for your company 

Trademark Registration is the legal grant provided by the government and intellectual property and intangible assets of the company or corporates. Trademark registration protects your company from competitors, copycats, counterfeiters and unwanted misuse of your brand name. No one uses your brand name without your knowledge. If they use your brand name, it is a punishable offence, and you can file a case against them.

Enhances Company with Uniqueness 

Trademark registration makes it unique and safeguards against copycats. It also differentiates your brand name, company name, and products from the competition. Uniqueness enriches the company through quality, attracting customers, trustworthiness and reliability.


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